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Le Iene - Full Collection

Le Iene - Full Collection

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Refillable Clipper lighters with Le Iene graphics.

Enter the universe of Hyenas with the exclusive set of 12 Clipper refillable lighters. The new Clipper x Le Iene collection is finally here, and allows fans of the program to take with them a piece of the irreverence that made the show famous. This unique collaboration celebrates the iconic graphics and images that have marked the history of the program. Each lighter tells a story and captures the essence of Le Iene's irreverence and humor. Discover the set of exclusive Clipper lighters in collaboration with Le Iene, available now on

Complete collection of 12 pieces.


12 accendini Clipper diversi tra loro a 10 €


25 accendini Clipper diversi tra loro a 20 €

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